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Dry hire our skate rink

We offer our clients the opportunity to book us for dry hire – the ideal package to select if you wish us to provide everything needed to run the rink effectively.

Dry hire means we set up the rink, provide ice skates for your visitors and guests in a variety of sizes, and will provide you with all the other accessories you need.

We will also provide training and ongoing advice to your own event management team and staff. This is perfect so that they know just how to work the rink safely and can monitor your visitors properly.

We also conduct on-site visits for the duration of your event. Booking the dry hire package is a very cost-effective way of running your attraction, and you get to keep 100% of the revenue from ticket sales.


Accessories are important to your rink and to the success of your ice-skating attraction.

Whichever hire package you choose, whether you opt for our dry hire package or choose the fully staffed hire option, the following are always included:

  • A synthetic ice rink in your choice of size – we will always assist you in selecting the right size for your space or venue
  • Large range of real ice skates including toddler skates that will be supplied in a variety of sizes
  • Benches and skate racks to help your guests prepare and remove their boots comfortably
  • Skate maintenance equipment – we will go through this with you, however basics include cleaning equipment and other items you will need to ensure your rink is safe at all times
  • Disabled skate chair (on request) so that none of your guests are excluded from your fun event
  • Rubber matting to surround the entrances and exits of the rink, and any other access points
  • Push-along penguin – great fun for children and adults alike!
  • Gazebo (for outdoor rinks, as a skate distribution point)

We invite all of our potential clients to contact us directly to discover more about our portable ice rink and availability