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Schools events / fundraising

A school playground is the perfect surface for setting up a synthetic ice rink.

Why not make your summer fair the envy of schools for miles around?

Give your visitors an experience they will never forget.

All that we request payment wise is a flat fee for the rink which is based on the options you choose. As the events planner, you will then keep 100% of the money made on ticket sales.

A synthetic ice rink is a great way to boost funds, whatever the cause. Hiring the rink is also a fun way of encouraging children to get involved in healthy physical activity.

Another great reason to hire the rink is that it comes without the energy consumption involved in freezing a real ice surface, so it’s an environmentally friendly attraction too.

The opportunity to locate our portable ice rink is not limited to schools, either. If you are planning any kind of fundraising event and have space at your venue for a skating rink, why not think seriously about the benefits. The publicity and ticket sales alone can generate a good source of income, whatever your reason.