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Who doesn't enjoy a good party? Make your party an event to remember with the laughter and joy of ice skating. For a super social and fun activity for your party you can't do better than an ice rink.

We aim to help you to ensure your guests remember your occasion for the right reasons. We are happy to cater for private parties of all sizes and, once we have set up your rink, we can give you as much, or as little, additional help as you need.

The super-smooth polymer surface of a synthetic skating rink means ice skates glide across it as if it were the real thing. Your guests may not really be dancing on ice, but it will certainly feel like it.

You will not have to worry about straining your domestic electricity system or hiring in a costly generator. Because a synthetic ice rink comes without the financial or the environmental cost of freezing a real ice surface, it is a great value for money option.

We set it up, you skate - it’s as simple as that.