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About our rinks

Ice skating is becoming more and more popular as a pastime in the UK with an increasing number of cities setting up temporary rinks for the Christmas holidays. However, aside from these, there are still very few opportunities to go ice-skating in the UK and many people have never even tried on a pair of skates.

A temporary synthetic ice rink is the perfect way of giving people a chance to try out ice-skating at any time of year.

A portable ice rink is perfect to locate at any of the many places that are not within easy reach of a permanent ice rink. They are also inexpensive to set up and do not attract the financial and environmental cost of setting up and freezing a real ice surface - especially in the height of summer which is not economical due to constant melting ice.

Portarink can bring the fun and excitement of ice-skating to your special event much more quickly and cheaply than any supplier of a real ice rink.

Our professional installation team brings in and sets up the rink in small sections - each high quality, super-smooth polymer slab engineered to give a skating experience that is as good as the real thing.

Depending on the rink size you require, we can often have the surface laid in just a few hours. Because our rink will not require the time needed to freeze its real ice equivalent, your rink is ready to use straight away.

A synthetic ice rink is safe to use in any weather and is not just a Christmas attraction. From a school summer fete to an exhibition hall, a portable ice rink is a unique attraction that can be located almost anywhere, at any time of year.

All that we ask of you is to ensure is that there is a flat surface for us to build the rink on, and that you can provide evidence that we can set up the rink in that area.

Setting up on a tarmac or concrete surface is ideal. Though we know this is not always easy so, if your ground is a little rough, we simply ask that you lay down a butt-joined wooden floor before we arrive.

Your safety and peace of mind

We work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly but we can certainly assure you that we provide £5 million of public liability insurance. This covers us, you and visitors to the rink in the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong. And of course, our staff are fully trained in all aspects of setting up and running a synthetic ice rink and are first aid trained.


Every event is different and our packages, and prices, are designed to give you what you want at a price you can afford. The price you pay depends on the size of the rink you need, its location and any staffing you require. Please get in touch and we will give you a no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you!